Dog walking, dog sitting and off-leash hiking in MetroWest Boston

Jane Of Bark Service Dog Hiking

Dog Hiking

1.5-2 hrs
One dog $38
3 hikes a week* $99

Additional dog $28
3 hikes a week* $50

Holiday rates + $10

If your dog has a lot of energy but you don’t have a lot of time to take him out, our dog hikes are the perfect solution. They’re also the perfect cure for dogs that tend to misbehave out of boredom. Daily exercise is proven to improve dog behavior and decrease destructive activity like chewing and barking. It’s also shown to improve a dog’s ability to learn. And most importantly, dogs LOVE and WANT to run and play! We believe that a tired dog is a happy dog, and our hiking excursions are designed to do just that. We pack our gear and take your dog out for a fun 1.5-2 hour romp around in the nearby reservations, swim in the lakes and play with our furry friends. Dogs who require more stimulation and won’t run off, can go off-leash. We’ll bring your dog home all cleaned up and tuckered out from ample amounts of exercise and playtime!

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JaneOfBark Service One on One Dog Walking

One-on-One Walks

30 min
One dog $25
3 walks a week* $66

60 min
One dog $45
3 walks a week* $120

Holiday rates + $10

If you prefer a shorter, less adventurous outing for your dog, we provide one-on-one walks in your neighborhood. All walks are customized to the unique needs of your dog and your personal wishes. This includes incorporating your commands, going to your dog’s favorite local spot or off-leash area, and providing any training you’d like.

These walks are perfect for puppies, dogs who are older or have physical issues. And since we never do “pack walks”, your pooch will get all the personal one-on-one attention he deserves. We offer 30-minute potty breaks or 60-minute walks for more quality time.

JaneOfBark Service Drop In Pet Sitting Visits

Drop-In Visits

30 min
One dog $25
2 drop-ins a day* $40

Additional pet + $5 each drop-in

Holiday rates + $10

Would your dog feel more comfortable staying at home when you’re out of town? Depending on your dog’s age, socialization level, health issues and temperament, you may want to have him stay at your own home, as opposed to boarding or sitting at another home.

Our daily drop-ins are a great alternative to dog sitting or boarding because they minimize the stress of transitioning into an unfamiliar environment. Our visits can be customized to give your dog walks around the block or quick outs in the backyard. We can also provide meals, health checks or meds, and of course, plenty of attention and playtime. Drop-ins also provide that extra level of assurance that your dog and home are safe and secure while you’re away. Drop-in visits can be scheduled for one to three times a day.

* Same week service

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